Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Maltesers Christmas Pudding

My self and another ICA member came across this chocolate Christmas pudding on Facebook and Pinterest decided to try it for ourselves.
On further research I found that there was more than one way to do this. So, naturally i tried both.
To make one you need. Two boxes of maltesers, one Terry’s chocolate orange, sugar paste, red and green food colouring and some white and milk chocolate.
Before I began to assemble the chocolate Christmas pudding, I melted the milk and white chocolate.
I then made some holly leaves and berry’s form sugar past.
The first way you can make this chocolate pudding  is by using some melted milk chocolate to stick the Terry’s chocolate orange to a plate. Then take each malteser, dip it in the melted chocolate and build upwards around the Terry’s chocolate orange. To complete the pudding, poor melted white cholate over the top and allow it to drip down. Then, before the chocolate is set, put the sugar paste holly on top. Using this method you get a dome shaped pudding that is quick and easy to assemble.
The second way you can make this chocolate pudding is by placing the Terry's chocolate orange into a cup up to its middle. Then build the chocolate dipped maltesers upwards. Once one half is completed, flip the pudding over and do the same with the second half. This pudding is decorated the same way as the first. Using this method you get a spherical shaped pudding, however it is not as easy to get right as the first method. I had problems with the maltesers falling off and the pudding getting stuck to the cup.
Making these chocolate puddings is an excellent Christmas activity for the young and old alike. They make wonderful Christmas gifts and are grate talking points at Christmas parties.
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  1. If i had seen this earlier before trip to hospital I might well have tried it as it looks yummy and not too hard to make but this year have to savour what others provide