Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Nests

With Easter preparations in full swing it was time to make the Easter nests for the string eggs. All you need is some cooking chocolate, shredded wheat and a bowl or bun cases.

Here’s how I got on…
I used six shredded wheat pieces and two bars of cooking chocolate to make one large nest and three smaller nests. To make the larger nest I covered a cereal bowl in Clingfilm for the three smaller nests I used 3 different sizes of bun cases.
To add a little something extra to the Easter nests I sprinkled them with popping candy while they were still hardening.
Once the nests were hard I removed them from their cases and added chocolate eggs, candied eggs and the string eggs to decorate.
The perfect decoration for your Easter celebrations.

For more information on eater crafts contact the ICA or 01 6680002

Saturday, March 21, 2015

String Easter Eggs

Eggs have long been associated with Easter symbolizing fertility, rebirth and In Christianity Easter symbolizing the empty tomb of Jesus. Traditionally in Europe, eggs were band during lent. Any eggs layer during this time were preserved and used during Easter in meals and as gifts.

This simple and effective craft, all you need is some coloured thread, PVA glue and Balloons. 
Here is how I got on....

After the first layer of PVA glue a water mix, I applied a second layer of just PVA glue and left the eggs to dry over night.

When the eggs were dry, I had some difficulty removing the glue residue from around the string.  I found that dunking the eggs, very quickly in water removed it.
Now to make a nest….

For More information contact ICA at or 01 6680002

Monday, March 9, 2015


In a recent Monday tester class in Central Office, I had the chance to try Blackwork taught by the fabulous Breda. Blackwork is a form of embroidery using black thread and sometimes includes accent coloured threads and beads. Historically, blackwork was used in the reign of Henry VIII on clothing.

Here is how I got on…
This pattern was a combination of back-stitch and cross-stitch with some beads thrown in for something a little extra. I really enjoyed this class and have since taken on a larger project

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