Sunday, May 31, 2015

Raspberry Shortcake

Who doesn’t love some afternoon tea at the weekend with a side of something sweet? Well I know I do and as it is summer I decided to try out the ICA’s recipe for raspberry shortcake. This recipe dates from the 60’s so it needed some temperature and measurement tweaking but other than that is very straight forward.

Here’s how I got on..

Even if you’re not a fan of shortcake I definitely recommend giving the sauce a try. It’s delicious! and could be used to top or fill many different deserts and cakes.

As I ate the left over raspberries while baking (oops), I topped the shortcake with some strawberries instead. If raspberries aren’t your thing the ICA website also includes a recipe for loganberry shortcake.
For more information on ICA cooking and baking get in contact with the ICA at, 01 668000 or An Grianán at, 041 982 2119

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blackrock ICA Craft Group

I was invited to attend one of the Blackrock Guild’s craft nights by an ICA member and I cheerfully accepted.

The ICA Blackrock Guild’s craft group have been meeting once a week for 20 years to craft and catch up in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

When I arrived, I was greeted with tea and shown the spacious craft room.
There was so many different craft projects being made, and with so much talent, the room was abuzz with tales of craft experiences and advice. I myself am currently interested in dressmaking, and was given loads of advice on starter patterns and the best fabric shops.

While I was there, I idly worked away at a stitched card and gleefully listened to the members talk about there various projects, show their creative talents, and give advice to myself and each other on current and future projects.
Most if not all ICA guild hold craft nights, and I personally cannot wait to attend another.

For more information about craft class and groups contact An Grianán at, 041 982 2119 or the ICA at the ICA at, 01 668000

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Teacup Herbs

With the promise of summer BBQs and garden parties, I decided it was time to update the herb garden to create a talking point as well as a home for my herbs. I got the idea for my tea cup herbs from the ICA Pinterest and the herbs from An Grianán’s garden centre.

Here's how i how got on....

I need to scratch up on my engraving skills but I love my teacup herbs, cute for inside and outside the house!

For more information An Grianán at, 041 982 2119 or the ICA at the ICA at, 01 668000

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cheese Turnovers

A few friends popped over during the weekend and I needed to quickly throw together some finger foods. The ICA cheese turnovers caught my eye and seemed like a tasty choice!
Here’s how I got on...
The turnovers certainly were a tasty choice! And very versatile, the recipe can be altered to include different meats, cheeses, herbs, and can be eaten hot or cold.  I used cooked ham in mine rather than bacon, I made them into a variety of shapes and ate them straight out of the oven once they had cooled.

For more information about ICA cookery contact An Grianán at, 041 982 2119 or the ICA at the ICA at, 01 668000