Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sun Catcher

Summer is here, the sun is out and there is no better way to play with its rays then with a sun catcher. I found a simple and innovative way of making one for the window or garden on the ICA’s Pinterest page and all you need is some plastic beads and a non-stick pan.
I have quite a selection of beads at home, so I experimented a bit, even adding glitter to one of the disks. Not all of the beads melted at the same time or temperature - some didn’t melt at all and different beads created different textures and finishes, so just keep an eye on the oven for this one. Once the disks cool, they fall quite simply out of the pan with no extra pressure needed.
I found that the plastic beads usually found in a child’s beginners beading kit create a smoother and more transparent finish than the others, but unlike the other two disks that could be threaded easily through the unmelted beads, this one had to be hammered. I found this quite difficult, with the disk breaking, but this was easily fixed with some superglue

I really enjoyed this craft, so many more possibilities! Await a jewellery blog with these disks in the future.

For more information on ICA crafts get in contact with the ICA at, 01 668000 or An Grianán at, 041 982 2119

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