Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lemon Barley Water

It’s hard to beat a nice cool drink in the sun, and what’s more refreshing then an ice cold lemon drink? I found this thirst quenching recipe for lemon barley water in the ICA Book of Home and Family, so instead of buying my cordial from the shop I tried my hand at making my own!

Here’s how I got on…

The ICA Book of Home and Family gave some handy tips on how to extract more lemon juice from a lemon by placing it in the microwave first and then rolling it between my palms. This tip also works well with oranges.
I thought making cordial from scratch would be more costly than buying it already made. But there is not much in the price difference and to be honest it taste much nicer, so homemade cordial? For me it’s a ‘Yes Please!’… Perfect for picnics and BBQs!
For more information on cooking demonstrations, or ICA recipes and books contact the ICA at, 01 668000 or An Grianán at, 041 982 2119

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