Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Traditional Cold Cure

The drop in winter temperature's usually brings about cold's and flu's.  I decided to give one of the traditional cold cures, a hot punch, from the ICA Book of Home and Family a go.
This hot punch drink is said to bring about temporary relief from congestion.  It only requires two ingredients to be added to a warm drink. Cloves, to help relieve pain and Ginger, to cleanse the system. I boiled these with oranges and some water for extra  vitamin C.
This hot punch was easy and fast to make and as an added bonus makes your house smell of Christmas.  The cloves give it a very herbal taste but it is not offensive to drink.  I made a pot big enough for three drinks and while I will admit this definitely is not a miracle worker but it did relieve that bunged up cold feeling for a while.

Other traditional flavourings included nutmeg and blackcurrant.

For more information about the ICA Book of Home and Family contact An Grianán at or 041 9822119. ICA at or 01 6680002

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