Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Style & Image

With a busy schedule I am constantly buying clothing online or when in the shops I am too impatient to wait in line for the dressing room so I can try things on, because of this I have and ended up with piles of clothes that just don’t suit. The problem here was I just didn’t know what suited me and was grabbing anything off the rails that caught my eye or looked good on friends and family. In an effort to decrease my shopping disasters, I attended the style and image course in An Grianán taught by personal shopper/stylist Nora Fitzpatrick
We were first given a style personality questionnaire to help Nora determine or style preferences from elegant to eclectic. This was also an indicator of what fabrics, textures and colours we were drawn to.

Nora then discussed the different body shape’s giving style advice and fashion tips for each shape.
Nora then carried out a colour analysis on everyone in the class and explained which colours complemented everyone’s natural colourings form the skin, eyes and hair. This analysis can be applied to clothes, make up and accessories
Throughout the course Nora also talked about how to make what you have in your wardrobe more versatile, how to ware and combine fabrics colour and prints as well as how to choose the size of accessories to complement outfits and body shape.

This is the perfect course for those looking to increase their ease in shopping, decrease money waste and improve their style. I now can shop online with more confidence.

For more information contact An Grianán at or 041 9822119

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