Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ribbon Embroidery

In a recent Monday tester class in Central Office, I had the chance to try Ribbon embroidery. Embroidery dates back a long time and was originally used to tailor and mend fabrics in a decorative manner. Ribbon embroidery is the use of silk or silk/organza ribbon to create motifs with a needle.
The kit contained a needle, ribbon in various colours and sizes, black and white fabric, wadding, cards, envelopes and of course instructions. There was more than enough in the kit to make more cards at home.

We managed to make two small cards in the two hours. Here’s how I got on ….


As you can see these simple designs are very effective. This was my first time ever working with ribbon in embroidery and the only trouble I had, not releasing the ribbons delicacy, was that I was a bit heavy handed with the needle and damaged parts of the ribbon. However Eleanor showed me ways of preventing this and hiding the damage I had already done. 
This class was definitely designed with beginners in mind. However as with most things within the ICA and An Grianán there is always class’s catering to varying levels of ability and always the chance to advance you’re skills. The pictures above display some of Eleanor’s, the teachers, work and show the level of detail that can be achieved with ribbon embroidery.

For more information on ribbon embroidery class’s contact An Grianán at or 041 9822119

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  1. Great work Ann, I believe that there is a beginners class at An Grianan in November, I hope to be there