Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Walled Garden

There is always something magical about a walled garden, the perfect little hideaway for relaxation and reflection. Walled gardens were on trend in the 1800’s with large country houses. Despite popular belief they were not walled for security reasons but horticultural ones and were often used to grow the food for the house owners, staff and guests. An Grianán’s wall garden was originally built for this purpose but as time went on it fell into disuse.

Over the past few years a lot of work has gone into An Grianán’s wall garden with the hope of reviving it, not just for relaxation and reflection but also for future events such as concerts and weddings. Though, still a work in progress the transformation is amazing.

What I find most heart-warming about the walled garden is that it has been created by the I.C.A. members with county’s creating their own flower areas and planting trees on behalf of beloved members who have passed away, re-rooting the garden back into history.

The walled garden is accessible through one of its original wrought iron gates and the An Grianán bar.

I would definitely recommend that you give the garden a visit as I have not managed to capture all of its magic through photos. 

For more information contact An Grianán at or 041 9822119

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