Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beaded Bracelet

I always admire handmade beaded jewellery for it’s beauty and delicacy, and hold admiration for the patience and skill needed to make some of the pieces. I had tried myself to make my own before but only had somewhat of a success on a loom and even then the seed beads drove insane me continuously getting stuck on the needle. I decided to attempt beading once more in An Grianán before abandoning it completely.

I was able to choose the bracelet I was going to make, within my skill level,  then was given a choice of coloured beads. The kit cost five euro and included all the beads, even the dreaded seed beads, thread, needles and clasps.
Here’s how I got on… 

My almost final attempt was a success! And that was all down to the incredible teachings from Eleanor, even the thread and beads she selected for the kit were incredible quality, including the dreaded seed beads all equal in size and shape. I had no problems getting them through the needles, these were ordered in form Japan.

Some of Eleanor’s work was displayed around the room showing the incredible pieces that can be created with practice, patience and creativity. I have been inspired back to beading.
For more information contact An Grianán at or 041 9822119

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  1. So pretty. Would be lovely with anything. Fab work