Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pallet Knife Painting

I personally love the aesthetic of paintings with texture and the thicker the paint the better. This is why I was so excited to attend the pallet knife painting class in An Grianán thought by Catherine Lawler and experienced artist and teacher.

Pallet knives unlike a sharp cutting knifes are blunt and are known to be grate for creating texture. I hadn’t attempted this technique since secondary school and was still very much a beginner, because of this I didn’t have any equipment but another more experienced class mate, jean, helped me out.

 To get used to the technique, the main body of my painting consisted of three colours cobalt blue, yellow ocher and a white. The colour crimson was used to paint the boat.

Here’s how I got on

Due to the level of texturing, paintings can take some time to dry here’s mine after a few hours.

The great thing about pallet knife painting is that its main focus on is colour and texture rather than exact shapes and lines making it an approachable art form for all levels of experience.  Below are some of the paintings created by my class mates showing the ranges of expertise.

There is a saying that the greatest artist has yet to pick up a paint brush, in this case the pallet knife. So don’t let your fear of not being perfect stop you I recommend this class to all.

What’s you favourite style of painting? Comment and share :D

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  1. I am going with our guild in September and am thinking maybe pallet knife painting, do students work on different paintings or do all have to do the same?

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      I was a beginner so this was the painting recommended. It all depends on your on skill and experience level.