Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tissue Art

On my last trip to An Grianán, I saw people walking around with some beautiful photo frames. To my surprise, these very professional looking photo frames were made with tissues and PVA glue! They had also made a canvas picture and a candle using tissue. Having seen how effective tissue and PVA can be, I signed myself up for the next class.

In the first half of the class we made a canvas picture and a frame. We were given a selection of tissue paper, a blank canvas and frame, PVA glue, water and some paint brushes.  In the second half of the class we were given a white candle, our choice of tissue and a heat gun.

Here is how I got on

Canvas process 

Photo frame process

Candle process
This class was amazing. It’s easy; it’s effective and having bought some materials myself after the class, cost effective. Its the perfect addition to a bedside locker or coffee table.

Give it a go yourself :)

For more information on this workshop email An Grianán at