Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stitching Cards

I attended a two hour card stitching workshop for beginners in the ICA head office on Merrion road. I have some friends living abroad and thought that this workshop would help me create cards that are more personalised then what you can buy in shops.

We were given a card with the pattern already punched in, thread, a needle and some tape. We were also given a pattern so we could make the card at home.

Here is some images of how i got on

I found this workshop to match my needs perfectly! It provided me with a quick and easy way to make my cards more impressive, creative and personal without taking up a lot of time.

Having some experience with needle and thread crafts I took to this workshop like a duck to water even choosing to add some beads. I now want to take on more challenging patterns.

Now go, and share some creativity with friends and family :)

For more information on day class’s email ICA head office at

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  1. Perfect for embellishing personalized card for friends. I love this idea.