Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Nests

With Easter preparations in full swing it was time to make the Easter nests for the string eggs. All you need is some cooking chocolate, shredded wheat and a bowl or bun cases.

Here’s how I got on…
I used six shredded wheat pieces and two bars of cooking chocolate to make one large nest and three smaller nests. To make the larger nest I covered a cereal bowl in Clingfilm for the three smaller nests I used 3 different sizes of bun cases.
To add a little something extra to the Easter nests I sprinkled them with popping candy while they were still hardening.
Once the nests were hard I removed them from their cases and added chocolate eggs, candied eggs and the string eggs to decorate.
The perfect decoration for your Easter celebrations.

For more information on eater crafts contact the ICA or 01 6680002

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